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Let’s Re-Elect Jim Winsor to Kings County Council!

Let’s continue to improve roads as a top priority

The quality of our roads affects our lives daily and so will remain a top priority. Though District 8 has seen significant gains in Jim’s first two terms on Council, including paving of many local streets, construction of the Granite Drive Connector Road and paving of commercial Street, many of us live on roads that still remain substandard. Contracts that have just closed will see repaving of approximately 30 roads in District 8 by the end of this year. That’s about half the paving that will happen in the entire County! He understands that this work makes our area a more enticing place for people to live and do business. It is an economic development factor – one he’ll work hard to continue to improve.

Let’s shape and realize district 8’s potential as a place to live and do business

What’s good for the shopping center of the Valley is good for the entire county. Jim realizes that developing a Secondary Planning Strategy for New Minas is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure orderly growth of the village and shape the area’s future as the best possible place to live and do business. As the chair of the Working Group managing the New Minas Secondary Planning  Process, Jim is excited about overseeing and guiding the technical studies and comprehensive engagement process needed to complete this important work over the next two years should he be re-elected. He also believes in the power of a formal community structure in Greenwich to better represent residents’ collective interests and he is eager to work with Greenwich residents to explore the possibilities.

Let’s make the most of your tax dollars

Given the significant economic disruption caused by COVID 19 – impacting every aspect of our society – astute financial management and wise stewardship of our scarce resources have become even more vital going forward than ever before. Our available resources must be carefully managed to maintain the infrastructure and services you value, to focus investment in strategic priorities and contain our taxes. Jim’s training in financial management and his experience in accounting, financial management and senior-level general management will be helpful to our Council going forward.

Let’s protect agriculture – the life-blood of our County

We’ll always need to produce food for a hungry world. Jim recognizes how privileged we are here in the Valley to have an economy based on an industry that’s not subject to boom or bust cycles. While we’ve done a better job of protecting agricultural lands with our new Municipal Planning Strategy, Jim is aware we must ensure implementation of this new Strategy bears out the protective measure for agricultural land. And he believes we have the potential for more businesses and more jobs in value-added agricultural products that wouldn’t detract from our unique rural/urban culture and environment. Let’s create local jobs that put our experienced workforce and skilled graduates to work and help ensure the financial viability of our local farmers – let’s not sit idly by and watch any more shut-downs of secondary industries or opportunities to expand secondary industries pass us by!

Let’s keep Greenwich safe as farm markets flourishes

Greenwich is flourishing as the farm market garden center of the Valley, offering the best of fresh produce and great family farm centric experiences for rural folks and city slickers alike. With this growth comes the issue of safety as thousand of people center around the businesses on Highway 1 to shop for fresh produce and experiences. Operators are concerned for the safety of their customers and they have brought that concern to Jim as their Councillor. The safety issue is compounded because the sidewalk is on the opposite side of the road from the farm markets. Additionally, clients have to cross back and forth on Highway 1 to shop and participate in the experiences Greenwich Offers. Jim will continue to push strongly for a safe crosswalk and possibly a sidewalk to allow for customers to walk safely back and forth between the farm markets.

Let’s keep our Horton High School Students safe, healthy and connected to the Harvest Moon Trail

Most of the students at Horton are bused in or drive in by vehicle but some students locally to Greenwich may walk. The only access they have to the Harvest Moon Trail and businesses in Greenwich is along Highway 358 which has a speed limit of 80 kms/hr, or, has has been observed, some may even dart across Highway 101 to enter Greenwich via Greenwich Road or Sunnyside Drive. It is Jim’s  intention, if re-elected, to work with the School administration and Student’s union, the County and the Province for the development of a trail or sidewalk that connects Horton High School to the Harvest Moon Trail along with the development of an appropriate safe road crossing system of the Trail across Highway 357 just north of the intersection with Highway 1.

Let’s Do our part to address global issues

Let’s Develop Green Energy

Right now, our hard-working farmers and the rest of us in the County are experiencing the consequences of global warming. We know we have to stop pumping greenhouse gases into the environment. Jim firmly believes the County can and must play a role in making a difference for our quality of life and that of future generations. So, he’ll continue to advocate for and support every green energy project that makes sense: a wind energy project in the southwest quadrant of our County, solar energy in the Meadowview area, collecting solar energy through facilities projects and more. It’s more than just good environmental sense; it’s good economic sense too.

Let’s Ensure diversity and inclusion

Jim believes that no one should have to live with discrimination and injustices because of who they are, what they may believe or how they may live out their lives differently. He knows we are called to love, honor and respect one another even when we look different or our belief systems diverge. He also recognizes that we do have racism and discrimination amongst us. As Chair of the Kings Diversity Committee, Jim is excited about the work that’s underway to combat racism and discrimination in our communities and looks forward, if re-elected, to more actively and directly engaging our businesses, organizations and people to better understand racism and discrimination and to help create a diverse and inclusive society – one in which every member has equal opportunity to share in the economic, political, social, cultural and recreational life of our wonderful County, Province and Country.

 Let’s govern and deliver client services efficiently and effectively

Let’s improve client service approach and satisfaction

Although there has been much improvement, Jim knows Kings County is still not the greatest place to conduct business when it comes to municipal services – it’s more challenging here than in Halifax and other municipalities he has been often told. Businesses and residents are still frustrated in trying to develop and implement their plans. Jim will push for a full and open review of client services with full engagement of clients – individual residents, businesses and organizations – with the objective of improving our approach to client services and client satisfaction.

Let’s Enhance government efficiency and effectiveness

Within our County we have four municipalities and seven villages each with its own taxpayer funded administration: too much governance in Jim’s opinion. During our last municipal election campaign in 2016 many candidate platforms included the call for reforming governance in response to the Now or Never report. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm fizzled out as everyone returned to the comfort of their own silos. Going forward, Jim believes that we need to work together, share resources and service delivery mechanisms and perhaps even undertake some amalgamation where the benefits can be clearly demonstrated. We must be at least willing to look at the opportunities and consider the common good of the area from the larger picture perspective of becoming more effective in governance and delivery of services.