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The polls have closed. The votes have been counted. The people have spoken. I am privileged and honored that the voters of District 8 have reaffirmed their confidence in me to represent them on Council again for the next four years.

I believed I earned the respect and confidence of the people through my efforts on your behalf over the last four years and through the hard campaign work that I have done over the past three months. My thanks to voters for your confidence and trust in me. You and all citizens of Kings County have my commitment to serve you to the best of my ability over the next four years through hard work, integrity and most importantly, listening and talking to you on important matters before Council.

While I have campaigned hard, I would not be celebrating a win today without a great team effort. I have had an incredible team of close supporters led by our campaign manager Nancy Saul-Demers to develop and design literature, coordinate the many administrative functions, deal with signs, handle finances, etc. This team included my dedicated and ever present wife, Betty Anne, Pierre Cloutier, Bill Davenport, Bruce MacArthur, Donny Zwicker, John Calpin, Jim Redman plus the many volunteers involved in phone calling, inside agents, scruitneers, etc. I offer my thanks and appreciation to all of you for your commitment and tireless help.

I am pleased to congratulate Peter Muttart on his election to the office of Mayor for Kings County. I believe he is suitably equipped to be the first mayor in this historic moment for Kings County. I look forward to working under his leadership and I anticipate great things from this council under this new leadership model.

Finally, it has been great to see the high interest in this election and the solid candidates that we have had participating in every district and for the office of Mayor. I thank you all for your participation. I extend my congratulations to the other councillors elect: Meg Hodges, Pauline Raven, Brian Hirtle, Martha Armstrong, Paul Spicer, Bob Best, Emily Lutz and Peter Allen. I look forward to having you as my friends and colleagues on Council for the next four years.