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Having decided to ask voters for a third term as Kings County Councilor in the October 17 municipal election, Jim Winsor has been in contact with some local media to encourage them to find alternative ways to engage citizens in the democratic process, given the limitations on gatherings created by the COVID 19 pandemic. “In-person debates have traditionally provided key opportunities for voters to gain vital insight on the issues and candidates,” said Winsor. “Just as our business community leaders have successfully pivoted to offer goods and services online during this time, and the County has approved both on-line and telephone voting, it’s also time for our media to pivot and offer online election debate opportunities. I look forward to participating in whatever our media comes up with so that voters can make an informed choice in October.”

When asked why he’s offering for a third term, Winsor said, “We’ve made great strides on so many fronts and I’m really excited about what lies ahead for Kings County.” With the objective of economic development, Council has been pursuing an aggressive strategic plan for the County, including the Municipal Planning Strategy, investment in roads, expansion of broadband and green initiatives such as solar and wind energy. “I’ve been particularly pleased with the road advancement we have made in District 8 (New Minas and Greenwich) with the paving of Highway 1 through the District, the development of the Granite Drive Connector and paving many streets throughout the Village with a whole lot more to come later this project season.”

As Chair of the Diversity Kings Committee, Winsor says “I’m really looking forward to continuing the vision and the broad ranging work we’ve begun in the areas of diversity and inclusion. The objective is to engage the whole community.”

He is also very keen to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the Village of New Minas. “It’s a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity for the Village, its residents, businesses and staff to set out fresh vision for the New Minas, with particular emphasis on the expansion area south of Highway 101”. Winsor chairs the Working Group overseeing this project, which is comprised of Councilors, Village Commissioners and citizen members.

While the COVID 19 pandemic poses a challenging environment in which to conduct an election, Winsor is optimistic that it will not detract from this most important aspect of our democracy.