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Kings County Councilor Jim Winsor has ruled out door-to-door canvassing as he seeks a third term on Council. This decision was not taken lightly by the Councilor who made it a priority to get to each and every household in his district during his previous campaigns. “I like going door-to-door,” acknowledged Winsor. “I enjoy the connection with voters on the doorstep, in their living rooms and at their kitchen tables. But ultimately, I decided that traditional style of campaigning would just not be appropriate during a pandemic.”

When asked to explain how he made this decision, Winsor reflected, “It’s just not business as usual right now. We’ve all seen our stores, restaurants and others develop new safer ways of delivering goods and services. Families have changed their routines to protect themselves. Why should they expect any less from someone who wants to continue to serve as a trusted community leader? My constituents have the right to expect me to take an approach that puts their health and safety first and respects their rights to social distance, especially when they’re safe in their own homes.”

But doesn’t Winsor’s fear his campaign success may be hindered by this decision? “From our very first campaign team meeting, we recognized that this effort would need to look and feel quite different from what we’ve done in the past. It’s up to me and my team to more than make up for the lack of face-to-face communication by increasing our phone outreach efforts to unprecedented levels,” revealed Winsor. “The folks in New Minas and Greenwich deserve the same access to me they’ve always had, though it will look a little different. If any of them have any issues or suggestions for me, I encourage them to call my cell phone at (902) 680-5405 or to send an e-mail to elect@jimwinsor.ca

While the COVID 19 pandemic poses challenges to election candidates, Winsor is optimistic that it won’t detract from this most important aspect of our democracy. Late in July he reached out to local media to encourage them to find alternative ways to engage citizens in the democratic process, given the limitations on in-person debates created by the COVID 19 pandemic, and he’ll continue to work on alternatives.